Mary Balfour is the #1 UK Dating Guru and owner of top UK personal introduction agency Drawing Down the Moon. Mary co-founded in 1999 and currently runs on the Loveandfriends network. Mary chooses the Loveandfriends Network as it focusses on high quality graduates and professionals.

It works for Mary as her business Drawing Down the Moon gets enquiries from all over the UK but only operates in the Greater London area for people of a specific age range – so people from further afield or outside the age range can be referred to

Other personal introduction agencies also choose Loveandfriends as their online partner due to the quality of members we attract.
 The Oldie Magazine is a long established and much loved niche periodical. They chose Loveandfriends due to the quality of our members and the fact we don’t operate in the Adult/Casual marketplace.

Many other quality “niche” periodicals benefit from a Loveandfriends dating site that is tailored to their audience.
 Brighton based Nigel runs – the #1 UK online store for all “Eco” goods, services and presents.

Nigel wanted to add a dating offering that fitted with his brand’s ethical values and who would take the time to tailor the service to enable green and “eco”-oriented single members to find each other.

Loveandfriends specialises in many similar quality niches
  SingleSolution is the leading London dating and events company for single professionals.

Hosting monthly parties, SingleSolution finds our combined dating and events ticketing service helps their members enjoy dating both online and offline.
 When The Ecologist wanted to provide a site that enabled their readers to meet like minded people they knew they could trust Loveandfriends to provide an ethical, professional service.

No fake profiles/messages and zero links to "Adult" services were important Loveandfriends features that matched their values.
 When events organiser Clare Gillbanks wanted to expand her Singles Parties online she chose Loveandfriends because of the high quality of members that were on our network.

Any service that caters to single people or people meeting up is a prime candidate for adding on a white-labelled dating site.
 PetsPartnersAndPals was formerly a 100% independent site with its own database. Teaming up with Loveandfriends meant access to a larger pool of members and that the owners could forget having any hassles with technical issues and customer service - as we take care of that side of things.
 This dating site is linked to the very popular forum – which is basically a website forum for listeners/fans of Terry Wogan’s Radio show. chose Loveandfriends as their dating partner as they thought we ran a “Nice” site/network. is a great example of a community website that benefits from a dating add-on.

If you have a popular forum, bulletin board or even just lots and lots of Facebook friends – a dating site could really work well for you.

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