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... Four Costly Mistakes of Divorcing Women Four Costly Mistakes of Divorcing Women

6 April 2012

Recent surveys of divorce lawyers have highlighted four new areas that can cost women when getting divorced:

1) Texting. Every type of electronic communication has the potential to leave a digital trail. That means your Tweets, emails, text messages and every type of electronic transmission could painstakingly be scrutinised by your husband’s divorce team in hopes of strengthening his case. According to a recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) 92% of the nation’s top divorce attorneys have seen a 94 % increase in the use of text messages as evidence.

2) Facebooking. 81% of AAML members cited an increase in the use of evidence from social networking websites during the past five years.
- 66% of AAML members reported Facebook as the primary source of evidence.
- 15% reported MySpace
- 5 % reported Twitter
- 14% other choices
Evidence such as status updates, online photo albums, profile pages, comments, etc can all be used as evidence to contradict statements previously made and to help prove infidelity, mishandling of assets, emotional instability, alcohol/drug use, etc

3) Dating. Splitting up can be a long and gruelling process. But turning too soon to a boyfriend to help you cope could be a mistake. Dating before your divorce is processed - or at least formally under way - could possibly jeopardise your case. Say you find your husband has been cheating and decide to split, but you don't do anything formally until you find a new partner yourself. You may find your husband is able to cite your unreasonable behaviour as grounds for the divorce.

4) Snooping into your spouses affairs could lead you into trouble. “Snooping” can get very sophisticated these days, as hi-tech spying software is becoming very common. Even if you don’t intend to snoop, you still have to learn about your rights as well as the evidence being deemed inadmissible in court you may be committing an offence. In the US people have been criminally charged with hacking their former spouses' Gmail accounts