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... Secrets of Lasting Couples: Part 2 Secrets of Lasting Couples: Part 2

8 April 2012

Following on from our first article on "Lasting Couples" - here are five more attributes that are common in many happy longstanding relationships:

6. Lasting Couples allow their partners their own space

Lasting Couples appreciate that their partner needs time for themselves, their own friends and interests

A little bit of absence makes the heart grow fonder. Having some ''Me'' time apart allows each partner to be more relaxed, refreshed and bring new stimulus to their conversations.

7. Lasting couples don''t neglect the physical side

Whilst a good sex life is important - so too is a cuddle, a hug, or just a touch on the shoulder to make you feel wanted. Lasting Couples tend to do things like hold hands and sit close to one another whenever they can.

Lasting Couples also know that their sex lives can go lean periods but they don''t give up. They are patient and work through issues together.

8. Lasting couples know that some things are best kept secret

Isn''t honesty always the best policy? Generally speaking yes - but Lasting Couples know it is better sometimes to leave out some information from their partner if it would hurt them.

Telling your partner that you fancied their best friend or that yes their bum really does look big in those trousers are two cases in point.

9. Lasting Couples make a commitment

Whether married or not your companion needs to know that you will be there for the long haul.

Most conventionally, marriage was seen as the gold standard of commitment. However, many couples who never marry are committed and together for life. Conversely, with the divorce rate at about 50% marriage can no longer be taken as a life-long guarantee in itself.

Lasting Couples aren’t afraid to discuss the state of their relationship, no matter how long they’ve been together.

Whether married or not, Lasting Couples make a commitment and re-state it on ongoing basis throughout the years - not taking the other for granted.

10. Lasting Couples couples know how and when to argue

Just because a couple never argues - does not necessarily mean they have a harmonious relationship. Avoiding confrontation whilst storing up resentment does not a happy couple make.

Lasting Couples are generally able to sort most things out through negotiation and compromise.

Each side appreciates they don''t need to win at all times and that in fact - having a happy partner is better than winning the argument.