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... Women suffering from jealousy Women suffering from jealousy

4 November 2008

An increasing number of women are suffering from the effects of jealousy, the Metro reports.

Steve Burns, founder of The Therapy Lounge, said women are unable to control their jealous rages.

He reported a fivefold increase in the number of women wanting help with their jealousy issues in the past year.

Mr Burns told the Metro: "They constantly fear their partner is going to leave them. Technology is causing lots of problems, particularly social network sites. Women deal with it by screaming, shouting and having tantrums."

Women are logging onto their other half's social networking accounts and finding out things they would rather not know.

The ease of access to technology like this is causing a lot of the jealous rages that women are experiencing.

Mr Burns said: "I know women who regularly check their partner's bank account to see if he's bought flowers or stayed in hotels. Sadly, many of these women have serious self-esteem issues."