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Weddings 'n' Engagement

Here is a selection of the engagements and marriages and we have heard about. Stories include...

  • You're invited!!!!
  • The most wonderful,caring, sexy woman...
  • Our families are delighted!
  • We are getting married...
    Dear love and friends, i would like to permanently terminate my profile as I met a wonderful man through the site and we are getting married!

    loveandfriends - success stories - weddings
    Does it work? Weddings are probably the gold standard of a dating site's performance.

    The most wonderful, caring, sexy woman....

    I'm leaving this site because I've met the most wonderful, caring, sexy woman. She went by the name of Camila ...and we're now engaged and are to be married next May.

    Thank you for your service, and allowing me to meet this fantastic lover through this site!!!!

    Just to say thank you, I have met someone really special and am engaged to him, we are to be married next May. Wishing you every success for the future.

    Nearly a year now...
    Thank you for your help and services. I have now seen someone for nearly a year now which I know will be permenant.

    Thank you for your support.

    Good fun while I was a member though
    I have met someone and we are planning to get married next year, so somehow still being a member doesn't seem right!

    Good fun while I was a member though

    Desperately happy and getting married
    I was introduced to your website by Mary Balfour about eight months ago. I chose the username ******* at the time and met 'LoverOfLife' through the website.

    I thought you (and Mary) might be interested to know that I asked Leanne to marry me about ten weeks after we met.

    We are desperately happy and getting married in February

    Very Best Wishes,

    NB this username was the member's real name hence the ****. We don't recommend you use your real name as your username - particularly women - for safety reasons.

    My life is now complete...
    Dear love and friends,

    i never believed in chat rooms etc until a friend advised me to just take a look I emailed the 1st guy that came up on my search and we are now truly in love and engaged to be married.

    Thank you so much my life is now complete. Please could you remove me from the site now as I have found all i have ever dreamed of.
    Short and Sweet
    ...actually we get quite a lot of goodbye comments on the website that say just 'got engaged!'. Here are a few of the more concise emails we receive...

    Just got engaged.

    I'm getting married in November.
    I have found love online and I am now engaged!
    Getting married, please delete and terminate permantely, many thanks
    Thanks, I met someone through your site and we are planning to get married next year.
    Thanks for everything, I have met my love and we are getting married, hope it works out for all the other members, good luck

    Purchasing a home together

    Dear Love & Friends

    Thought you would like a little update...

    Thanks to Love & Friends I met HJG, we are now engaged to be married in the New Year and are at present in the process of purchasing a home together.

    Love & Friends was safe and easy to use - I have recommended your services to several friends. Very many thanks for the happiness you have given us both.

    Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful service.
    Hi ...this is further to another email i sent you.

    I met someone through your site at the start of January, and now we're engaged and we're going to get a house together.

    Just wanted to say thanks again for such a wonderful service.

    ...Becky (screen name: Rebsee)

    Your website- the best of any of the ones I tried
    Please remove me from your database. I met someone through L&F. We are getting married in August.

    Thanks for your website, it was the best of any of the ones I tried.

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