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Date for FREE by Tagging Profiles!!!

Our "Not Yet Tagged" Search finds you compatible members you haven't yet seen.

It's simple to use and is based on your Speedy Search criteria.

Yes-No-Maybe "Tagging" is a great system providing you use it properly - please have a read of the FAQs below.

Q. What is Tagging?
Tagging is you either choose the member as Yes, No or Maybe
Q. What is "Not Yet Tagged" Search ?
It finds compatible members you haven't yet tagged.
Q. Why do I need to Tag?
More tagging = more dating opportunities. Trust us - it's a great system if you take time to Tag people genuinely. It also means that 'Not Yet Tagged' search will work for you.
Q. Do people know how Iíve tagged them?
No one will knows how you have tagged them unless they go on become a "Mutual Match". That's the beauty of the system. People cannot tell if they are a 'No'
Q. What is a Mutual Match?
This is where you have said YES/MAYBE to someone and they have said YES/MAYBE back to you. We email you when this happens and you can see these on the PEOPLE page.
Q. What is the obligation?
We think the minimum obligation is that if you generate a Mutual Match and the other person writes you a nice message that you should write back - even if it is only to say you're busy.
Q. Can I change my mind?
You can review and change your tags on the PEOPLE Page - where you can look at your lists of YES, NO and MAYBE members.

Once you have generated a Mutual Match you cannot make this disappear from the other member's list - though you can 'Expire' it by clicking NO on your Mutual Match page. Typically people 'Expire' Mutual Matches they are no longer interested in, or who have taken too long to reply.
Q. How can I date for Free using Tagging?
Tag 7 members per week as a YES or a MAYBE and you get given a daily free message that you can send every day to fellow free members.
Q. Should I tag everyone as a YES willy-nilly to get my free message?
No! Just tag honestly.

Fake tagging is bad karma and can get you banned. It is also totally unnecessary - if you run out of 7 new people to tag as a YES/MAYBE just re-tag 7 people you genuinely liked from last week on the PEOPLE page and this will get you your free message.
Q. Can you explain more about this Tagging?
We have written an entire section of our HELP section about Tagging - click here to read it.