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Help | Yes-No-Maybe "Tagging" Feature

You'll notice that we now provide coloured buttons in the search results and on members' profiles.

The principle is really simple - you just 'tag' all the people who you are interested in 'Yes' and 'Maybe' ...we then tell you when you have a mutual match (i.e. you both have clicked Yes/Maybe to each other). You 'Tag' the people by clicking on the appropriate coloured button.

The beauty of the YNM system is that (unlike 'Favourites') no one can directly tell if/what someone has tagged them - only if you are a mutual Yes/Maybe. So no need to worry about causing offence by tagging people as a No or that people will think you are too keen by tagging them as a Yes or a Yes!

We recommend that you do lots of tagging because tagging:

  • helps your 'Not Yet Tagged' Search ...see below
  • stimulates the system and generates more dating opportunities
  • helps Matchbot decide good matches for you

...but please don't just do tagging. Proactively send winks and messages as well!

How do I get mutual Yes/Maybes?

You can view these either from the People page (top menu) or search results page by selecting the dropdown at the top of the page.

To get lots of mutual matches our advice is: Log in regularly - tag lots of people - don't be too fussy ...and it should throw up some interesting possibilities.

Who's tagged ME as

We have prepared a SPECIAL SEARCH  called 'Who's tagged me as Yes/Maybe?' (on the People page and the Search Results dropdown). This search is pretty clever in that it mixes people up who have definitely tagged you as a Yes/Maybe with some others on the same page. This gives you an efficient way of tagging these without revealing exactly who has tagged you and who hasn't.  

Why tag people No?

We have another special search called  Not Yet Tagged . This lets you easily just see 'New' faces in the results i.e. not have your results clogged up with profiles you have seen umpteen times before.  

Who's Tagged me? - VIP Express

If you build up a backlog of 10 outstanding people who have tagged you as Yes/Maybe then we directly tell you who these are. If 10 people like you then you're a VIP and we don't want to unduly delay you in progressing your Mutual Matches.

You have to tag each one back - then we reveal the next person.

The normal "Who's Tagged Me?" page mixes up the person who tagged you with three other people. You get to find out who tagged you only when you tag them all back. The reason we do this is that for regular folk this encourages people to broaden their dating horizons and for wallflowers it gets them involved in the site.

If - like many people - you are getting tagged "now and again" - the extra work in considering the extra 3 people isn't terribly onerous. However, if you are very popular then it can become a bit of a chore as you have a vast number of people to have to tag back every week. This is why we launched the "VIP Express" - so that popular members aren't forced to do an unreasonable amount of work to find out who likes them.

It is a good idea to stay on top of your tags in a reasonably prompt manner - if you are an averagely popular member but wait an entire month just to build up your 10 outstanding people to access the VIP Express - you may well find that the people who first tagged you are no longer interested or available

Can I review/change who I've tagged?

Of course. You can do this either from the People page (top menu) or search results page by selecting the dropdown at the top of the page.

You are welcome to review and reclassify people as often as you wish

How long do you keep my tags for?

In order to speed up the system we need to delete old tags periodically - as tagging accumulates millions of records. We will keep data for the following minimum lengths

  • Full members: 8 weeks
  • Free members: 3 weeks

You are most welcome to re-tag people when the data gets cleared. If you are a mutual match then there will have been an email generated that acts as your permanent record.

3 weeks is typically enough time to wait to see if you become a mutual match. 

8 weeks makes it more convenient for Full Members to do a NotYet Tagged search without having to do excessive re-tagging.


Further Discussion...

Not Yet Tagged Search

The 'Tag Some People' button (various places) and 'Not Yet Tagged' link (Search sub-menu) go one step further. They do a search based on your Speedy Criteria and if they ever run out of people they adjust themselves slightly to keep giving you more people to Tag. You shouldn't have to worry about going back and forth adjusting criteria just keep tagging until the profiles get too far removed from what you're looking for.
The idea is you just press 'Tag Some People' every few days and get tagging. Of course we'd encourage you to send emails, winks, icebreaker and 'Add to favourites' as well.

Why does Tagging help the site?

Essentially we can break down members of dating sites into several different groups. Let us consider the following four categories. These are not meant to encompass everyone but just significant numbers of members >>>

1. The Noticeably Attractive
Very good looking and/or have a great job and interesting profile.

2. The Regularly Proactive
Have a good profile and send lots of interesting messages out.

3. The Average but Selective
Only send messages to a fairly select number of people. The people they send them to often tend to be the 'Noticeably Attractive' or similar.

4. The Wallflowers/Spectators
Don't send messages out proactively - wait to be contacted in some way.

Group 1 receives loads of messages and Group 2 receives 'enough' replies. So the Tagging system (tagging profiles Yes or Maybe) can be superfluous to their use of the site
Groups 3 and 4 >>>the Tagging system opens up more dating opportunities and kick-starts their use of the site. 

Group 4 is really large! Lots of people join dating sites and wait for the world to beat a path to their door.
People in group 4 are very reluctant to send an email unprompted. However, they can be more easily persuaded to tag profiles as 'Maybe'. When they receive some prompt e.g. a wink, message or alert to say someone likes them then this can be catalyst to get them to write a message. The Tagging system prompts Group 4 people (Wallflowers/Spectators) to start chatting with each other.

Group 3 (Average but Selective ) probably don't realise that they are focusing on the same 'popular' profiles everyone else is. Also they tend to be (perhaps subconsciously) trying to date if not 'out of their league' but 'at the top of their league'. Hence they can get a poor response rate.
By having a weekly quota of tagging and our new 'Not Yet Tagged' search we encourage them to go slightly beyond their comfort zone of focussing on a small number of the same (most popular) profiles.
The 'Not Yet Tagged' search is great as it shows more and more 'unviewed' people. Hence there is no need to wade through he 'same' people that are always at the top of the search lists (because they login most often).  Getting Group 3 people to look at 'different' profiles and perhaps expand their boundaries with a few more 'Maybes' generates real dating opportunities.

So essentially if you are in Group 1 or 2 you probably don't need/appreciate the benefit of the tagging system. If you are a Group 1/2 person - you can ignore the tagging system if it annoys you is not compulsory. We would agree with Group 2 people that writing an email is much better than tagging people.  
However, it would be good for you to note that large numbers of people in groups 3 and 4 really do benefit. We can see their use of the site and messaging increasing ...however (unlike Group 2) they are the least likely to email in to admin to give us feedback on this matter. ;-)