IT , 41, 'Near London' - Reading, Berkshire, South East (UK)
Just seeing how it goes in IT, which I randomly fell into.... Although my plans for eventually working for myself are in full force at the mo

Well, am doing my psychology degree with the Open University at the moment... although this may change into a social sciences degree, just to avoid the biological stuff! eek!

Not one for being able to have a conservation about religion without going red in the face

Arn't they all just as bad!?

Musical Instruments played:
Erm, had a few piano lessons when i was a minime, I'd love to play the guitar but my fingers wouldnt stretch enough!!! :)

Music Enjoyed:
Heavy Rock, Soft Rock, Although all music can be good - depending on mood/whats going on

Sports and exercise:
Walking to the car is enough for me..

Interests and activities:
Cars, Computers, Eating Out, Friends, Pubs, Reading, Travel, TV, Computers, Eating Out, Friends, Internet, Pubs, Reading, Travel, TV

Animals and Pets:
A hamster called peewee! the cutest! :)

Discworld -Terry Pratchett, Quite like my motivational books at mo

Favourite Films:
Carry on Nurse, Taxi Driver

Enjoyable evening out:
Meal, Pub

Favourite Dishes:
A Chinese banquet, Handmade Pizza

Ideal Holiday:
Lying on a beach in the Caribbean

In another life:
a travel writer

Affectionate, Ambitious, Aware, Caring, Cheerful, Confident, Considerate, Friendly, Generous, Humorous, Imaginative, Independent, Intellectual, Loving, Mad, Moody, Positive, Romantic, Sensitive, Thoughtful

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