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Friends 'n' Feelgood Factor

We're not just hearts 'n' flowers 'n' wedding bells we'll have you know. Loveandfriends is a great way to meet interesting people and make new friends...

  • The best friend and confidante I have
  • All of them were nice interesting people
  • Made 2 great friends
  • Had a lot of fun
  • All of them were nice, interesting people
    I met quite a few people and even when there was no spark (and there was a spark on a few occasions!) loveandfriends - success stories - dating dreams
    A new best friend and housemate

    I met two great people on Love and Friends - the love of my life, and a new best friend and housemate. Thanks!

    Made 2 great friends on this one

    I have met someone from another website who is really lovely. I have also made 2 great friends on this one.
    Thank you

    A wonderful way to meet new people

    I have met someone through my work and wish to permanently delete my details.

    I have found that "love and friends" is and I have really enjoyed the experience. I wish all the members every success and happiness in the future. Thank you admin team for all your help as well!

    The best friend and confidante I have..

    I have met a very close friend through your agency. Though we are not lovers now, but she is the best friend and confidante I have.

    All of them were nice, interesting people
    Thanks for your message - I will add to the positive comments I've already made by saying I thought the whole L&F style is excellent - really good that you can join without paying up front to start with, also the questions etc for the profiles are well designed and the logos and whole look of the site is witty and intelligent and appealing.

    I met quite a few people and all of them were nice, interesting people even when there was no spark (and there was a spark on a few occasions!). And I'm still in touch with one guy who turned out to be more F than L but is still a mate.

    So thank you - I have and will still recommend L&F to friends, even if I hope I won't be using the site again!


    Had a lot of fun and met lots of nice people

    Thanks - I have but I need a rest and I think I may have met the one.....through Friends Reunited dating website but have been a member of yours for longer!

    Have met a good friend through it.
    Well I have to say that I have found L&F to be the best dating and most genuine web site and have met a good friend through it. However, I have met someone and so will not be requiring your services anymore!
    Enjoyed some scintillating, fun email chats
    Definitely haven't confused you - loveandfriends is one of the better sites out there and I've enjoyed using your site.

    After sending this email i figured out how to remove myself. You probably rarely get feedback, but I wanted to thank you for a smooth, painless, and fun online dating service. I went on about 4 dates - no sparks - but enjoyed some scintillating, fun email chats with various people.

    I've decided to take a break from online dating because i have recently met someone through love and friends. it is early days yet, but i am pleasantly surprised at how well we get on.... and secretly excited about the potential.....!

    I've met and spoken to some great people
    GPlease would you terminate my membership with immediate effect. Its been great while I've been here and but I've now met someone and don't feel it's appropriate to remain with L&F.

    Thanks for running such a well managed and produced site.
    I have made a good friend...
    This member wants to be deleted! ... I have met somebody. I have made a good friend through Love and friends, and would just like to say thanks.
    Enjoyed meeting up with interesting people
    Have met someone rather nice through the site. Enjoyed meeting up with interesting people over the last month or two, but I may stick with this one for a while! Thanks,
    Restored my faith in men in general!
    I met a lovely guy through this site & although it's still in the early stages, it feels really good.

    I've met some interesting people through L&F but meeting him was unexpected and restored a lot of my faith in dating websites and men in general! Thanks for a great site.
    Extremely positive and interesting...
    RE Daily Mail Article >>>

    Reading the article simply reinforced my views that I have chosen the best website to use for dating and my three-odd months of membership have been extremely positive and interesting.

    Yes, there have been a couple of oddities, such as two gents with whom I was e-mailing regularly until suddenly nothing! They've disappeared without a trace but have been logging onto L&F since I last communicated with them. Whose loss is that? Not mine! Each chap I have met has been professional, courteous and 'phoned me when they promised to. How unusual is that! But so very welcome.

    Seriously though, meeting members of the opposite gender is fraught with difficulty regardless of the methods used and internet dating does have basic safety rules attached, which I do adhere to. I've written to the Daily Mail to tick them off for such a downbeat article and let them know clearly that I do not agree with their views.

    Thank you for providing such a good website which is easy to use and, for me at least, has produced some very positive results. Whether or not it will work for me remains to be seen, if not I'll move onto another method. But I certainly won't leave with any regrets that I tried it out in the first place.
    Short and Sweet

    Thanks....I have met someone special...albeit on a different site...but made some friends on this one too

    I have met two people recently, with whom I wish to pursue friendships, one from this site and one through work

    I've passed on the website address to a few friends already and hope some of them will give it a try. My experience has definitely been very positive!

    Thank you for the excellent service. I did meet someone and although it didn't work out, we are good friends.

    I wish to terminate my membership, but would like to say thank you as though I did not find my present partner through Matchbot I did meet a really nice person

    a really nice guy through this website! Been having fun around London for the last 6 weeks.

    I have met a wonderful man and am no longer searching

    Feelgood Factor
    It's lovely to feel 20 and attractive again
    Dear Love and Friends - I think your site has worked for me !I'm going to suspend my membership for a bit and hopefully have fun...

    Compliments on the site though, it's lovely to feel 20 and attractive again and the way you send e-mails, 'confidentially' through your page is great as well. I'm a satisfied customer !

    Had a few dates and they were all fun

    Please terminate my membership. I have found someone fantastic! It was fun on the site - had a few dates and they were all fun. love

    Exchanged emails with nice guys

    Am busy with full-time school, hectic social life and a potential man from my social circle. It's a good site, though, and I exchanged emails with nice guys. However, my ex-boyfriend is blissfully happy with a loveandfriends girl -- thanks to my recommendation that he try it.

    Thanks for making my single life much more fun
    Have met love of my life on flight back from Ireland but thanks for making my single life much more fun than it would have been if this site hadn't existed!!

    A huge boost in morale and confidence.
    Thank your as your site has given me a huge boost in morale and confidence. I have not met someone however the confidence has made it easier for me to meet people when out socially

    A good way of getting back into dating
    Have had a good time meeting L&F members and it has been - now met someone in real life though and think i've had enough of internet dating for the time being... Thanks anyway it has been a positive thing to have done!

    A great help and confidence booster
    I didnt meet anyone through the site, but it was a great help and confidence booster.

    Have become a Bhrama Kumari...
    Hi Guys, please delete my details from your system.

    It is easily the best dating site going, and I really enjoyed being a member and met a couple of really great guys.

    However, ( form of Karma Yogi ) and so can no longer look for a partner. many thanks

    Thanks for the fun I had
    This is by far the best internet dating website. I have recommended it to very many friends. I am seeing someone and feel it's right to delete my profile out of courtesy. Thanks for the fun I had with some of your members!

    I am on about 1 to 2 dates a week
    By the way I am on about 1 to 2 dates a week and am meeting great men. One was a bit sneaky though as he had written up 2 profiles and wrote to me as one and then when he didn't get anywhere, wrote to me as the other. This is just to make you laugh, not to take action on by the way. He and I handledit i.e. I'm not seeing him again!

    More than the other 4 sites I visit put together!
    Hi, In contact with 7 women!!! This is more than the other 4 sites I visit put together!

    So far defitinitely the best,

    Messages are polite and unintimidating...
    IHave met someone on the site, would now like to terminate membership Thanks for the excellent service i have so far received. The site is very user friendly, and messages are polite and unintimidating at all times, even for the unpractised and very nervous first time user!

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