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loveandfriends - stats on success

Stats on Success

People often ask us -

What kind of people find success on Love & Friends?

On this page you will find a small selection of our success stories by age, career, and location
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loveandfriends - dating success stories - high hopes Here are some success stories from around the country...


camila florestry, Inverness
...Just to say thank you, I have met someone really special and am engaged to him, we are to be married next May. Wishing you every success for the future.

meesh Language Tutor, Glasgow
...Have just met a gorgeous man through Love and Friends. Many thanks!!

SkyeWalker Glasgow, Project Manager
...Met wonderful lady through L&F. Thank you.

maryshka, Language Tutor, Glasgow
...Through L & F I've met the loveliest man in all creation [honestly - I'm notorious for being dead critical, so it must be true] and so I'm delighted to terminate my membership. I wish luck to all my Internet men, and I recommend the site to all my single friends who are seeking a partner. Many, Many thanks!!!

colcass, Field Computer Engineer,  Edinburgh
...found soul mate on site

Vermillion Retired Teacher, Edinburgh
..Seem to have met someone

Peridot, Deputy Head Teacher, Strathclyde
...Have met someone on the site, would now like to terminate membership Thanks for the excellent service i have so far received. The site is very user friendly, and messages are polite and unintimidating at all times, even for the unpractised and very nervous first time user!

bROO675, Engineering Technician, Dundee
...I'm leaving this site, because I've met the most wonderful, caring, sexy woman. She went by the name of Camila...and we're now engaged and are to be married next May. Thank you for your service, and allowing me to meet this fantastic lover through this site!!!!

aly13, Working in finance, Aberdeen 
...Have met someone through you and would like to give our relationship a chance. Thank you

macink, Technician, Highlands
...I have meet my ideal partner via this site and wish to terminate my membership


Manchester + Liverpool

timconor Media, Manchester
...Hi - I met someone through L&F. Ta.

Ninochia Human Resources Manager, Manchester
...Have met someone through your website.

Pete1917 University Researcher, Liverpool
...I've met someone through you

JueC Packaging Materials Controller, Cheshire
...Have met someone and wish to pursue the relationship.

Teachertrash Teacher, Manchester
...I've met someone!



sweetheart Self-development Coach, Newcastle
...Met a goregous, handsome guy through this site, thank you.

PHIL41 Surveyor, Durham
...Met a lady via your site - thank you !!!!!!!!!

AlisonC Accounts Manager, Lancashire
...Met somebody

Pottsy Environmental Health Officer, Cheshire
...Have met someone - through love and friends

Zena Project Development Worker, Durham
...I've met someone, thanks



Zoon Business Owner, Sheffield
...I've met someone

seriouslyniceguy Designer/Own Business, West Yorkshire
...I've met someone

hongkongphooey Lecturer ,Leeds
...met someone

silonica Student, Leeds
...met a beautiful boy!!!! From this website!!!! Thank you so much L&F

ThisMan Doctor, Yorkshire
...Found someone Many thanks !


West Country

akindheart, A very hardworking man, Dorset
...met someone

elliottsmaid Nurse, Exeter
...I have met the man of my dreams on your site!!
Thank you, I am terminating membership and hope that I will not need you again!!

Jayneincornwall Events Manager, Penzance
...Got in touch with a guy through your website and the relationship has gone from strength to strength over the last six months. We have both agreed we will be spending a lot of time together in the years to come! Thanks a million L&F!

kitale Works part time, Exeter
...I've met a wonderful man through loveandfriends!! Thank you!!!!

Sally_strawberry Bank Clerk, Exeter
...I've met someone and would like to terminate my membership, thanks again and this is a great site. With regards Sally

appletree Solicitor, Exeter
...I have met somebody, thorough this site, and am grateful to you.

Mikki Au Pair, Exeter
...I've met someone through you. thank you very much

simonjames legal, Plymouth
...I have now met someone through this site.

Ray_but_female Executive Director, Bath
...I have met a lovely guy and hope this works!!

meltdown Architect, Bristol
...Goodbye, it has been good. If things don't workout I'll let you know!!

nemo7 Self-Employed Illustrator, Bristol
...I've met someone through your site so I wish to terminate my membership. Thank you very much it's been great!



Mitzichaela Retired Pharmacy Dispenser, Swansea
I have met a lovely man through Love and friends and I now wish to terminate my membership.

bridgelady Community Support Co-ordinator, Gwent
...have met someone

bathsheba Teacher, Cardiff
...met someone

hireal Management, Llandudno
...Have met someone - an excellent site

tigger, Estate Manager, Cardiff
no longer wish to use as found some one via your service thank you.

ejane, Teacher, Cardiff
...Very happily seeing someone I met on your site-we met on 2nd August, went for a week's holiday in Spain together end of August and have met every weekend since! Only complaint-he lives too far away!



bruce Salesman, Belfast
...found someone!

brian33 Public Servant, Dublin
...met someone on your site

lou699 Education,  County Antrim
...found someone!



bessbags Interior Designer, Oxford
...met someone

jenny-s Freelance Copywriter, Oxford
...I have met someone now (through L & F) and things are going very well and I get jealous if he remains available on site, so it's only fair to get off myself!!

ChrisA Cartographer, Oxford
...Thanks for the help, I've met a lovely lady so I'm happy to ask to have my membership terminated!!

francophile21 University Fundraiser, Oxford
...please cancel my membership, thank you for your brilliant network-it seems to have worked -another L&F member!!

Morwenna College Lecturer, Cambridge
...Am getting to know someone I met here. Your web-site is great: sophisticated but surprisingly easy to navigate

legasea Software techie, Cambridge
...Thanks for everything, I have met my love and we are getting married, hope it works out for all the other members, good luck

geogirl Mature Student!! Cambridge
...have found partner



Breathlesss Lecturer, Leicester
...Met someone

tuesdayyyy555 Supervisor, Derby
...found some one

shropslass Recruitment advertising Shropshire i
...Ive met a wonderful guy...thanks.

Jaslar16 Sales rep, Northamptonshire
..."have met someone very special"

Lisa300 Teacher, Birmingham
...Have met someone special.

surferchick Antiques Dealer Worcestershire
...Met someone through you thanks!

Ruth21 PA Derbyshire
...Found a lovely man.

Jimmy_Jazz New Media Designer, Birmingham
...Getting Married!

Sweet-William, Customer Services, Birmingham
...I have found love online and I am now engaged!

ay57 DTP/Web Technician, Leicester
...Hi, very happily 'hitched' now with Annie (who I met on this list end of last year), so would like to terminate my membership. Thanks for everything!!!!! J.

steve9719, Courier, Coventry
...getting married

JustJaffa1, University Student Support, Nottingham
...Please end my membership as I have found someone with whom I am pursuing a relationship at present. Thank you.

Mountaineer, Service Manager, Nottingham
...I've met my new love through your website so thank you very, very much! All the best to you all, Darrel.


Interesting Jobs


skyracer, Director, London
...Great site, now happily settled ...thank you!

libby99, Sales Director, London
...Have met someone recently (yes through Love and Friends!) so we're going to concentrate on each other and see how it goes... Thanks!

twig Finance Director, Norfolk
...I have met someone I am very keen on through Love and Friends so thanks to you and thanks to the Observer for the original recommendation of the site

Peter, Managing Director
...I think ****** has already notified you of the successful outcome to our meeting via Love and Friends. Like her, I have several times recommended you to friends and acquaintances.

Virtual-Jules, Northamptonshire
...I have met my soulmate on your site (A_Challenge). Only 2 weeks but its just perfect. Thank you so much!

anotherandrew, Associate Director, London
...Met someone through Love and Friends - thanks!!

PeterB, Managing Director, London
...I have terminated my membership as I have met and fell in love with the most wonderful woman from your list of members, she has already become my soul mate and I can not imagine life without her.

All Ages

We really do have members from 18 to 88...

Some of our younger members...

Maisha 20, Au pair
...I've met a wonderful guy via internet. We have a lovely wonderful relationship and although we've just been together for soon 3 months I already think he's the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Cinderella_star 21, Student
...i wish to be terminated as i have met somebody who i am now seeing

Orphi 22, IT Sysadmin
...I think I have someone... thanks folks!

Sarah-Louise 22, Teaching Assistant
...Thank you to everyone at Love and Friends. Through your site i have met the most wonderful man. Thank you again x


...and some of our more mature

GreenKnight 59, Computers
...Thanks for the help I hope things work out for Susie and me.

ARTISANNE 60, Artist & Lecturer

jazzinaround 61, Events Organiser
...I have only met one of the introductions you gave me and we are very happy and now live together.

Mitzichaela 64, Pharmacy Dispenser
...I have met a lovely man through Love and friends and I now wish to terminate my membership.

sullivancortez 66, Writer
...I'm going on hold because I've met someone outside L&Y. However, I appreciate enormously the way in which your site is conducted, and I've enjoyed very much - mostly anyway! - the women I've met as a result of being a member. I recently recommended you to an old friend of mine - within a month she'd found the man she was looking for. My thanks once again.


Interesting Jobs

Cool Jobs

Arny Pilot, Up-in-the-air
...thanks for introducing my wife to me!!

NZA76 A&R Music industry, London
...I have a girlfriend

alain13 Happy People Maker, London
...It did it for me. Thanks!

zaireeka Accidental Web Developer, Surrey
...I've met someone.

gabriel0325, Film and Video Writer/Director, London
...thank you. I met someone I really like


Real Men

We're not all posh jobs here - we have loads of manly men doing manly things...

Lanckielad Royal Air Force Hunk, Cambridge
...i have found someone

knosh Engineer, Newcastle
...Met someone thanks to your site, early days but going well. Really like the site allows you to convey some of your personality. Thanks.
M, 9/16/1971,

tommyj Fire Fighting Instructor, Hampshire
...met someone

Pompeyfcy2k Rail Signaller, Brighton
..."I have met someone"

hamish Stonemason, Glasgow
...My decision to quit is purely a gesture to someone I think is amazing. I must thank you all at L&F. Bye.
of member

Boris Airborne Warrior (Retd.), London
...After a long and seemingly fruitless search for the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, she contacted me through the site. She is everything I could ever have dreamed of and far more. The wedding is planned for early 2005, but the way our characters interact and spark off each other, we may not wait that long... Thank you L&F for being the best investment I have ever made.

londonravi2003 Charity Worker, London
...I met someone in my area. So cool.



ThisMan Doctor, North Yorks
...Please terminate my membership Found someone Many thanks !

whitewizard Doctor, London
...met another

Lydia777 Doctor, Coventry
...Met my partner nearly a year ago on your website, so think it is time to remove my details! I very much hope I wont have to re-register in the future but I am recommending you to friends and acquaintances. Many thanks,

mel30 Health Care, UK
...I've met someone and it's definitely long term, so I won't be needing your site anymore. Thank you for a great site, though, I really enjoyed using it. I met some nice blokes!

Simon Hospital Doc, London
...i seem to be going out with the 2nd girl i met on your web site 2 months ago. Thanks and best wishes. simon

SAgirl Nurse, Southampton
...I would like to end my membership at Love and Friends, for I've met a wonderful guy. Your website helped me to realise what I want in someone and to go for it. Thank you very much!

pixy Nurse, Chelmsford
...Thank you, this site has been so successful for me that I wish I had done it earlier. It goes to prove that there is someone out there for everyone and that sometimes you need to look in unexpected places for them!

moretolife Nurse, Shropshire
...met the man of my dreams on this site, thank you, hope others are as lucky xx

Tiffanie Registered Nurse, London
...I wish to put my profile On Hold as I have met someone wonderful through your site, namely Bonita Beach. Hopefully he will always be - the man of my dreams! All thanks to you, Tiffanie.

JohnT Hospital Doctor, London
...Met someone on this site - thanks!

Marks Surgeon, London
...met someone.

smiling-woman NHS professional, London
...Thanks for a great service. Have enjoyed my membership and met someone through your site... we are both overwhelmed!


Self Employed'n'Self Development

London_chris, Life Coach, London
...Found someone through this site

sweetheart Self-development Coach, Newcastle
...Met a goregous, handsome guy through this site, thank you.

Braveheart1066 Self Employed, Canterbury
...Found a fantastic girl! Wow, can't believe it! Thank you

Tomboy, Self-employed, London
...I am no longer single - thank you for helping me find a wonderful guy.

CroxleyClare Self Employed, Hertfordshire
...I have met someone and we are planning to get married next year, so somehow still being a member doesn't seem right! Good fun while I was a member though

hobbes Self Employed, Reading
...have met someone

Dizzielizzie, Counsellor, Powys
...Thank you I have found the person I want to be with for the rest of my life, yours is a brilliant site

kania At an occupational crossroads! London
...met someone



anguus Musician , London
...I have met someone rather special and precious.

MandyS Musician , London
...met someone. Really really lovely. Thanks!

aguirre Musician, UK
...I have met someone great, thank you very much

Appassionata, Music Teacher,
...Met a lovely, lovely person through this site. So glad I had the guts to send that first email! It's early days but boy the vibes are GOOD!

crazy_spender graphic artist/designer, Manchester
...I have meet someone and I am very happy. Thank you Love and Friends

ampoe, Artist & student, London
...Thank you, I met someone very special through this service.

Luxetnox0001 Artist Yorkshire
...I have met someone on this site and so I want to terminate my account. Thank you very much for all of your help...I have very much appreciated L&F...I will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone xxx


Nice Girls'nRegular Jobs

stanze Waitress, London
...Thanx a lot got somebody now!!!!

Miscanthus Garden Designer/Plantswoman Cambridge
...I have met the man I love , thank you

BrownEyedJules Chef, Manchester
...I am very pleased to tell you that I have met a gorgeous gentleman through L&F and now wish to terminate my membership and delete my profile for good! Thankyou for all that L&F have done.

Livelybeauty PA/Events Organiser, London
I have met someone through your site and want to terminate my membership. Thank you so much.

Grace_g mum and homemaker, Southampton
...I'd like my membership on hold, please. I have met someone I like, but may want to reactivate later. Thanks - this is a great site.

aunty_A Train Driver, Essex
...Have met someone and it is serious so no need for site anymore But thanks!!!!



tba Film TV Producer, UK love good bye

1inamillion Writer/Film-maker, Uk
...Thanks for the website so far - have met someone and want to give us a chance without any unnecessary distractions!

DaisyGirl, 31, TV Network Director, London
...have met someone through the site

Marek Corporate Filmmaker/Editor, UK
...I met my perfect match on this site and we are now the happiest couple in the world. Thank you

Luisa Film, London
...I've met someone who i like and want to see how it goes! Thanks guys!

Simon0359 Film/TV Industry Designer, London
...Thanks SO MUCH for introducing me to the girl of my dreams!!!!!!!!! Simon



Bongo54 Teacher, Reading
...Thanks - I've met the best bloke!

blackheim Teacher London
...met someone

shinyhappygirl Teacher, Chelmsford
...Thanks to this site I have met the man of my dreams - we are madly in love and blissfully happy! Thanks

LeahG Teacher, Brighton
...I have met someone.

NickiCW Teacher Southampton
...I have met someone. Thanks for the site - it's the best one I've been on. Keep up the good work.

knells secondary Teacher London
...I have found a fantastic guy!

bee23 Student/ Art Gallery Assistant, London
...I have met someone through love and friends and feel no need to meet anyone now.

marrri Mature student, London
...have met someone.

JulesMar Postgraduate Student, Durham
...Have met someone!



hongkongphooey Lecturer, Leeds
...Met someone

Breathless Lecturer, Leicester
...Met someone

dpde67 University Lecturer, London
...I have been fortunate to meet someone I really like so I would like to terminate my membership.

shaznay Academic, Leeds
...Hi team, I am putting my membership on hold because I have met someone truly wonderful through your site. Just when I was about to give up too...many thanks. Although it is early days I am hopeful and wanted to say a big thanks for making this a possibility for me!

AliOop Academic, London
...Would like to terminate my membership as I have met someone through L&F. Thanks!

PatrickR Researcher and budding writer , London
...Thank you so much for enabling me to meet my soul mate for whom I am moving 300 miles to join later this year!! Naturally, I would like to withdraw my profile. Would heartily recommend L&F.