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Success Stories

Internet dating with Love & Friends works Love and friends couple smiling into the camera
and not just for a handful of people who get lucky's hundreds and hundreds. Every week we get emails from happy members - at the last count our folder had over 700 emails! This page is a mixed bag of differently themed stories. 

Page themes: weddings dreams discovered  -  emails from members who are really lovestruck, friend'n'feelgood - about getting out there, meeting new people and having a fun time.

Interesting stories contains some of the more striking or novel stories, lessons'n'quotes - displays our members' wit'n'wisdom, relationship stuff - are the more grounded/practical emails we get, high hopes has people just embarking on their romantic adventure, stats on success - gives breakdown by age, region, occupation, etc.

If you join us and meet someone - please do drop us an email ...we know it sounds cheesey but it really does make us feel we're doing a worthwhile job. If you can send us a photo so much the better. I'm afraid that in the past we've been a bit too bashful to ask people for photos - hence the use of stock images on these pages ;-)

Love and Friends couple in an embrace with girl wearing bright lipstick and man with glasses kissing her head Love and friends couple in wedding dress holding hands Love and Friends a middle aged couple holding hands infront of London eye
Does it work? Weddings are probably the gold standard of a dating site's performance. Bring it on!

Met and Married on Love & Friends !

Met and got married in less than two years! Just wanted to endorse the great success of loveandfriends! So - thank you... from both of us :)
...MissyH and Guitarist

You're invited!!!!

Hello love and friends! Usernames "Argentierre" and "PrettyandFun" have met on your website on 21 October and are now engaged!!!

We are getting married on the 3rd of July. You're invited!!!!

Thank you and all the best for the other members....
Argentierre and PrettyandFun

Thanks again for such a wonderful service.

Hi ...this is further to another email i sent you.

I met someone through your site at the start of January, and now we're engaged and we're going to get a house together.

Just wanted to say thanks again for such a wonderful service.
...Becky (screen name: Rebsee)

Guys have their own way of expressing how they like our site...
A real honey
"I wish to terminate as I have met a real honey! Thanks for everything."
...Braveheart, 34

Hot girl
Thanks for helping me get together with a really hot girl!! cheers!

Lovely girl!!!
Have met someone thru L&F - thank you very much : lovely girl!!!.

Searching for all these years...
"Thank you, thank you !!

Thanks to you I have now met the girl I have been searching for all these years. Please now remove me from your membership list as I will not be needing your services any more."

A day on a beach with a babe
Just spent a day on a beach with a babe I met through the site - things are looking good...

Someone wonderful
"have met someone wonderful through your site & I hope everything continues as well as it's started"
Someone really nice
"I have the username "Jools" and I've met someone really nice via your website so please remove me! If you ever need any "l&f success stories" just ask!
Thanks, Julian"
We can all learn something from the wit'n'wisdom of our members.

This could be.....
Although I'm choosy....
She appreciates me cooking
and isn't boozy!

To those I have encountered before, thank you. You are generally a nice bunch of people. If this fails, I'll be back - wok in hand. No, not a typo.
...Wildest Goose

...our 'Lessons'n'Quotes' page has more of this stuff

short but sweet

Thanks for introducing my wife to me!!

Please delete me (let me gooooo).
Have met someone via the site - thanks!

Kill me, have found budding love!

"thanx - with someone, thanx to you!"
...politetim, fine art, 36

"I have met a wonderful man!"

"Found new love through someone I met on love and friends
...Martinlondon , finance, 36

We have hundreds more short'n'sweet goodbyes from members. ...Checkout our Statistics page


Our 'relationship stuff' page features the nice, 'regular' emails we get from members who have found someone.

These compliment the 'I'm head over heels' stories of our dreams discovered page and the the funny lines of our lessons'n'quotes page. obviously works!

"I would like my membership to be terminated permanently. This is because I have met someone through the site who I intend to pursue a relationship with.

Whether it will get very far I'm really not sure! However, if I ever have the desire to use this site again I'm happy to type in new details.

So, thanks for putting it all together - it obviously works! Cheers!"

We have to work out the logistics

"I'd like to suspend my membership for two reasons: one is that I will be away most of the time until September. You will be pleased to hear the other reason: I've 'met' someone and we're hoping to develop a relationship.

We have to work out the logistics since we live in different places and already had plans for the summer. Thanks in the meantime and I hope your program continues to grow. I don't mind if you refer to me anonymously as a 'success story'.

Even if nothing works out I've had a lot of fun thinking about the possibilities and I think he has too."

You have to kiss a lot of frogs

"Someone said "you have to kiss a lot of frogs", I haven't had to do much of that, but after a number of dates have met someone where there may be some chemistry."
Love and Friends couple cuddling on a park bench
feelgood factor
Hey you might not find the love of your life on our site ...but we're also a good forum for meeting new people...

Made a good friend
"Please terminate my membership, I have met somebody. I have made a good friend through Love and friends, and would just like to say thanks."

Lovely to feel 20 and attractive again!

"Dear Love and Friends - I think your site has worked for me !I'm going to suspend my membership for a bit and hopefully have fun

..Compliments on the site though, it's lovely to feel 20 and attractive again and the way you send e-mails, 'confidentially' through your page is great as well. I'm a satisfied customer!"

So far, all's going very well indeed!

"I really love the site!

I've met some wonderful people on here! I'm leaving on holiday for a few weeks so I need to put my membership on hold.

Plus, *smile* I have met a wonderful man, but it's too soon, as of yet, to say what will develop, but so far, all's going very well indeed!

Thanks, L&F!"

...loads more stories like this on our 'Friends'n'Feelgood' page

Girls tend to talk more about this and recommend their friends to us!
have met a wonderful man
"Thank you! I have met a wonderful man through you, and hope that I won't be needing you again."

Only fair to give him exclusivity
"...have met someone thru the site and is going v.well - only fair to give him a bit of exclusivity!"

I have met a fantastic man
"Dear Love and Friends,
Please would you put my membership on hold until further notice...
...I have met a fantastic man through love and friends!"
promising beginning
Often we get emailed when members first go on hold together. A little too early to buy the hat for the wedding but we wish these folks the best of good luck. More of these on our 'High Hopes' page.


Quite a few nibbles
"During the months I've been a member, I have had quite a few 'nibbles' and have approached quite a few ladies. At last I think I have clicked with a real kindred spirit. Thank you for setting it all

I still can't imagine how you make any money out of it!"
Pretty special ...I just have to see how things go
Hi L & F just to let you know that I have met someone who I think is going to be pretty special - Well she already is & I will just have to see how things go. Anyway thanks for your site and for bringing us together.
cure for cynics
Some of you reading this may not 'buy into' this whole internet dating malarkey - we lurve to prove you wrong! More of this sort of thing on our 'Interesting Stories' page...

She was 3 years below me at school...

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me meet a fantastic woman! As it happens, she was three years below me at school, but we met through your site by pure chance. Anyway, after three weeks of emailing and phone calls we finally met up at the weekend and instantly clicked.

I'd always been quite cynical about this sort of dating, and never really believed the "true stories". However, I am very pleased to be proved wrong! :-)."

I am amazed by it, being a cynical scoffer...
"I have met someone through L&F's, so I would like to go on hold please. I am amazed by it, being a cynical scoffer of these processes, but it really seems to work."

another friend has met someone through you
I just heard today that another friend has met someone special through you and is going to marry him!!
So please will you help me relaunch my profile?


The Most Reluctant Date I had

I had a number of dates, most of them were with people who did not match with their description and often too desperate to settle down with a half decent man...

But, the most reluctant date I had, who had been forced to join by a close friend is now the most gorgeous person i could ever be with. as cynical as i can be, this site has brought Magic into my life. thank you

finding 'the one'
Move over Cupid, Matchbot strikes the bulls eye on Loveandfriends! There are a lot of happy shiny people lot on our dreams discovered page.

The best thing that has happened to me
"Please terminate my membership now because Ian is the best thing that has ever happened to me."
, 40, interior design

maybe the one...
"Please will you hold this service for now as I have met some one who my be the one which was through your service - thank you!!!"

The loveliest man in all creation
Through L & F I've met  [honestly - I'm notorious for being dead critical, so it must be true] and so I'm delighted to terminate my membership. 

I wish luck to all my Internet men, and I recommend the site to all my single friends who are seeking a partner.  Many, Many thanks!!!

I have found the One!
"Dear Love and Friends,
I want to get on hold as I have found the One through your Agency. For me it has been a very good enterprise being a member here. Best Regards"

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