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loveandfriends - success stories - dating quotes

Lessons 'n' Quotes

Here is a selection of our favourite quotes as well as some emails that give some helpful lessons....

  • Tried, tried and tried again ...then succeeded!
  • I have met a real honey
  • I am now very much loved up
  • I do believe I've met my princess
  • Your site's great for that type of girl
    II want to go on hold because I've found some blind, deaf and dumb sod to go out with me.

    Your site's great for that type of girl. Thanks for finding me a match made in heaven!
    loveandfriends - success stories - dating quotes
    We can all learn a little from the collective wisdom of some of our members.

    Have met somebody wonderful after 2 hours

    Have met somebody wonderful through the site (after 2 hours!!) and we are giving it a go. He is absolutely perfect so thank you thank you, thank you!!!!

    Blimey - this could be a record!...let us know if it goes OK - hopefully so! Congratulations and Best Wishes
    ...The Loveandfriends Team

    hahahaha that is the funniest! Yea, I got really lucky. We have met up loads of times and we are just in a really good place at the moment. Taking it slowly (famous last words) but having a ball at the same time.

    I'm sad to be leaving the site because it has just been amazing, but y'know the saying "when needs must" and all that! If it is any consolation I have put two of my best mates on the site so hopefully I have given a little something back.

    Good luck with everything and in the nicest possible way I hope our paths don't cross again!



    Better still poetry and a sense of humour
    This could be.....
    Although I'm choosy....
    She appreciates me cooking
    and isn't boozy!

    To those I have encountered before, thank you. You are generally a nice bunch of people. If this fails, I'll be back - wok in hand. No, not a typo.

    ...Wildest Goose

    Realise what I want in someone and to go for it

    I Would like to end my membership at Love and Friends, for I've met a wonderful guy. Your website helped me to realise what I want in someone and to go for it. Thank you very much!

    Have a blast and GO FOR IT!!!!!
    Hi... I started emailing with a chap I met here in feb, we recently met up, went out several times and seem to hit it off fantastically! I'm rather surprised at how well we seem to 'click' but it's too early to tell where things will head but going on hold to give this time and give myself a bit of space to focus on other things in my life like holidays, setting up new company etc!

    Well Done to Loveandfriends for their great and easy to use website - hopefully new members reading this will have a great time making new friends and possibly even finding that kindred spirit...

    Have a blast and GO FOR IT!!!!!


    It's early days to say where this will go but i never thought i'd get that "you know when you know" feeling from meeting someone through an internet dating service! AND we live about 1/2 a mile away! Be brave, sign up and see what happens!!

    Good luck (and thank you love n friends - this is a fantastic website!)
    Keep Trying
    Thank you for setting up this great site. I have been seeing someone special now for over 5 months. Keep trying, to everyone who as not yet found, that special person.

    I was just about to give up
    Thank you but I have found the woman of my dreams on here. Amazing after all this time and I was just about to give up hope!
    After a long and seemingly fruitless search...
    After a long and seemingly fruitless search for the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, she contacted me through the site.

    She is everything I could ever have dreamed of and far more. The wedding is planned for early 2005, but the way our characters interact and spark off each other, we may not wait that long... Thank you L&F for being the best investment I have ever made.
    Someone truly wonderful
    Hi team, I am putting my membership on hold because I have met someone truly wonderful through your site. Just when I was about to give up too...many thanks.

    Although it is early days I am hopeful and wanted to say a big thanks for making this a possibility for me!
    We are even planning to get married!
    Just wanted to say thank you - I have met someone through your site and we are even planning to get married!

    Also, my friend who has joined this site together with me has recently moved in with the boyfriend she met through Love and Friends.

    Thank you again for making me to believe in love again.
    Within a month she'd found the man
    I'm going on hold because I've met someone outside L&F. However, I appreciate enormously the way in which your site is conducted, and I've enjoyed very much - mostly anyway! - the women I've met as a result of being a member.

    I recently recommended you to an old friend of mine - within a month she'd found the man she was looking for. My thanks once again.
    Someone out there for everyone
    Thank you, this site has been so successful for me that I wish I had done it earlier. It goes to prove that there is someone out there for everyone and that sometimes you need to look in unexpected places for them!
    ..Well you need to be over 18 to join us ;-)

    He's the man I want to spend the rest of my life
    I've met a wonderful guy via internet.

    We have a lovely wonderful relationship and although we've just been together for soon 3 months I already think he's the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Therefore I don't need to continue visiting this website.
    ...Maisha , 20

    i wish to be terminated as i have met somebody who i am now seeing
    ...Cinderella_star , student, 21

    at 56 that means a lot!
    Love and friends has not been very helpful to me because of where I live and most subscribers live in the South of England.

    I have however recently met the most amazing man, thanks to you but the problem will be the distance that separates us as he lives in London. It may prove to be a rather mixed blessing.

    Just the same I must say thank you for enabling me to spend one of the best weekends of my life - at 56 that means a lot!
    ...gillespie , 56
    Wonderful and not bad at 68.
    Please delete me from your mailing list and all your records. I have thank you found the love of my life

    Just for the record, I met 2 ladies through you. The first was delightful but not for me but definitely 9/10 though. The second, well, we met at 5pm, by 9pm I had fallen in love and we have been together virtually every day since. Wonderful and not bad at 68.
    ...Paul , 68
    Never thought for one minute that it would work
    As of the 23rd August I have been seeing James (aka 'jimbo1') and we are getting on like a house on fire!

    Thanks for your help. I never thought for one minute that it would work for me but somehow we were meant to meet I think. Thanks again.
    ...Curieux , 68
    We actually work in the same office
    Please put me on hold as I've met someone who's changed my life. Your site made the connection but realising that we actually work in the same office made the next steps (and there's been many..) so much easier.

    Keep your fingers x-ed for me!

    Some of our favourite quotes from members who have left the site...

    I have happily found a damn good man and I no longer need to be on loveandfriends.

    Have met a lovely woman through love and friends, she is sitting behind me laughing, and i am very happy

    i found her and i wasn't even looking

    Kill me, have found budding love!

    have started seeing (again!) the same lady I suspended my membership for.. before.

    Found a lurverlee ladeeeeeeeeeee
    ...Hereford mike

    Met a really great person! :-) On this site too - so it does work! Thanks for a the hard work that must have gone/goes in to running the site...

    Just to say I joined your website as a bit of a dare at first no longer believing in true love and all that and I met the most wonderful man!!

    I've met someone and fallen head over heels. thank you!

    Thank you for introducing me to the most wonderful man. Only joined this out of curiosity but it didn't kill the cat - I just got the cream!!

    Didn't trust this web dating stuff, but met a very nice person and hope is some good start. Good luck and keep the faith.

    Thanks for the brief adventure which will hopefully turn into a longer one.

    I am now very much loved up so please remove me from your mailing list.

    Met someone. Really really lovely. Thanks!

    Met the love of my life through loveandfriends

    Thank you for a wonderful service with a vast array of fantastic members. Please put my membership on hold as I am currently "out to lunch" with one of the aforementioned...

    Please delete me (let me gooooo).Have met someone via the site - thanks!


    Have been completely swept off my feet! You have a great site.

    Met someone from the site and are both totally blissed out...all the people Ive met from the site have been 'nice' but didnt really expect to meet someone this right even tho thats what we are all supposed to be trying to do...havent had to try at all, were just really happy and in love! so, cheers!

    I want to go on hold because I've found some blind, deaf and dumb sod to go out with me. Your site's great for that type of girl. Thanks for finding me a match made in heaven!

    You seem to have provided the medium for a serious relationship, for which I can only say - although it sounds banal, in reality it comes from the heart - thank you very much.

    In love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Putting membership on 'suspend' as I have met a delectable, wonderful woman through your good selves.

    I do believe I've met my Princess :-)

    Currently meeting someone that I think is a good match for me...thanks to loveandfriends for finding them! Trust me there are normal lonely people out there - and they could be looking for you!

    Please delete my profile. Met someone through this website. Thanks for making me happy.

    We're about 2 weeks in, but y'know i am shamelessly uncynical. if it works out, i'll buy you more memory!

    I tried, tried and tried again. Then succeeded. Ta.

    I wish to terminate as I have met a real honey!

    More Stories
    Someone said "you have to kiss a lot of frogs"
    I haven't had to do much of that, but after a number of dates have met someone where there may be some chemistry...

    Mega good value for money

    Meanwhile, I have gone on hold today as a result of pursuing a thing with someone I've met on landf, so call your site mega good value for money, after chucking away 600 on a crap dating agency - never ever met anyone.

    Keep up the good work

    Well, you've done your job rather too well!

    Well, you've done your job rather too well! After receiving about five e-mails from other members, I went on my first blind date with Rod from Richmond about a month ago and that was that!

    I seem to have acquired a lovely new boyfriend! Thank you very much!

    Can't imagine how you make any money out of it!
    During the months I've been a member, I have had quite a few 'nibbles' and have approached quite a few ladies. At last I think I have clicked with a real kindred spirit.

    Thank you for setting it all up. I still can't imagine how you make any money out of it!

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